Protergo is a technology company focusing on delivering cyber security world-class solution and services to various market segments, one of our key focus area is the financial service industry. Protergo is the only Platinum AlienVault Partner in Indonesia.

Protergo can help businesses that have deployed or are considering deploying C-SOC to bridge the skills and resource gap, in order to enhance threat detection capabilities and reduce the budgetary and operational challenges of managing cyber security in-house.


Security Operation Center, outsource your cyber-security to Protergo, a specialized team will assist you

Attack simulation

Let us test the cyber-security of your infrastructure, in case of a real-attack, you will be prepared

Dark web

Assess your corporate exposure to the dark-web, do not let your usernames and passwords be available to everyone


Let us improve your cyber-security maturity with SOC2, HIPAA

Custom projects

Customized cyber-security requests? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Reliable Results

Responsive, Fast, Credible, Trusted!

Team Members

Our dedicated support and professional services teams provide the expertise needed to deploy, configure and optimise C-SOC systems – on-premise, cloud and on virtual environments.

We monitor, tune and maintain each deployment to ensure optimal performance.

Our team of over 300 IT resources provides a wide range of solutions and services for the financial service industry from infrastructure (data center and DRC facilities), to systems (hardware, network links), and functionalities (core systems, delivery channels, regulatory compliances, contact center, data analytics, mobile collection and customization).