Protergo’s newsletter: #1 (test)

Date: 18th June 2018

Newsletter security level: Medium

Banks increasingly subject of hacker’s attacks, especially in emerging geographies (such as Chile). VPNFilters highlights the risk of government actors (such as Russia). New technologies comes with also security risks (e.g., blockchain).


The wiper malware affecting 9,000 workstations and 500 servers inside Chile’s largest financial institution turns out to have been a distraction.


Researchers said over a dozen malicious docker images available on Docker Hub allowed hackers to earn $90,000 in cryptojacking profits.


New research shows the router and NAS system malware affects more vendor devices as well, Cisco Talos says.


Here are eight measures to take to ensure the security of your containerized application environment.


The most critical vulnerability, experts say, affects Windows Domain Name Systems, while another lets attackers hack Cortana from the lock screen.


Researchers dig into four types of cyberattacks targeting blockchain, how they work, and why early adopters are the easiest targets.